Sunday Variety

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Every 20 Minutes! fbb is grateful to correspondent Julian for sending a Daventry town services leaflet from the minibus-madness 1980/90s (leaflet dated 1994). The map shows routes serving the main estates much as today. … … with a caveat! The Street Shuttle brand … … was widespread (as above in Bedford) and was continued, for a while, by Stagecoach after…

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Friday Reads – 3 November 2023

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Rail Ticket Offices to Remain Open (Railway News) Khan Hails Ulez Compliance as Revenue Doubles (LocalGov) Green Line Extension is So Defective That Key Part Will Need to Be Fixed (Boston Globe) Sydney Metro Waterloo (Architecture Design) What Led to a Looming Water Crisis in New Orleans (Bloomberg CityLab) New tramways for Rome (Urban Transport Magazine) Some notes on the…

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Saturday Variety

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Talking Of The Rail Bus It is claimed to be cheap because it is “very” light and the track is not “heavy” so you don’t need to dig deep and move a lot of cables and pipes. The video suggests opening between station, city centre and hospital in 2024. Sorry guys – NO CHANCE! The concept of ‘Very Light Rail’…

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Bee Network journeys rose 8% in first month

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One month after bus franchising began, Transport for Greater Manchester is reporting passenger growth, increased revenue and improved punctuality  Andy Burnham: ‘I have no doubt the Bee Network will be transformational’   A month on from the launch of the Bee Network, Transport for Greater Manchester has revealed that the newly franchised bus services are operating at a level at…

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ADL goes it alone with new electric bus range

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After several years working with Chinese manufacturer BYD, Alexander Dennis has launched two new electric buses engineered fully in-house  ADL said the two new products feature a ‘stunning new design language that emphasises their zero-emission credentials’  BY Andrew Garnett Alexander Dennis (ADL) has worked closely with Chinese battery and electric vehicle giant BYD since 2016 when the first batch of…

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Leadership is key to raising poor morale

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  Morale may never have been this low, but has the industry got the leadership skills and conviction to do anything about it?   ‘Morale has never been so low’ remarked an on-train employee as I travelled on his service last week. It’s an old cliché and one which folk used to levy at me as a boss, but it’s…

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Reform fares before ticket office changes

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  Pushing forward plans to close ticket offices before addressing hugely inconsistent rail fares was putting the cart before the horse  Campaign for Better Transport this week published its detailed review of fares and ticketing   The grand old DfT. They marched them up to the top of the hill and they marched them down again. The decision to pull…

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From Our Man On The Spot

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PLASE NOTE This weekend brings our monthly Fellowship meetings on Sunday and Monday. Either there are a lot more months in the year due to the ravages of inflation OR months are a lot shorter, mirroring the reduction in sizr of  chocolate bars! Either way, months appear with alarming rapidity. To add to the fun (?), after disposing of the…

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Daventry Due for Dynamic Development

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But we don’t want to rush into anything! But the town council has a vision … … albeit an unhurried one.  Actually the council hasn’t had a vision; it has paid someone else to have a vision. That someone is … The company is a relative newcomer (2013) to the game, but must be important and good because its on-line…

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