Correction and Missed A Bit

Between La Vallee and Petit Chatenay …

… (two stops on Tram T10 mentioned yesterday) the line passes over a fairly innocuous railway bridge. In fact this is the TGV route south from Gare Montparnasse …

… and on via Massy TGV.

Stylish station …

… stylish walkway …

… and stylish trains!

And the Correction?
As you all spotted, the old “A86” road now followed by tram T10 is numbered D986 and NOT D586. It is, of course, obvious!

Le Trajet De Tram T10 – bis!

We follow the D986 through mainly modern apartment blocks until we get to Malabry …

… where we veer to the north and join road D2.

Immediately, a strange looking building catches our eye, located in the woodlands on the west of the line.

This slightly quirky construct is actually the back of the line’s depot and workshops …

… and quickly we glide past the turnouts to turn the trams in!

We are now in office-block-land …

… where we stay until road D2 and tram T10 go under a bridge.

On top of the bridge runs Tram T6 with a stop for the hospital …

… and there below is T10’s track …

… but with no hospital stop; so no simple interchange between the two routes.


The hospital stop on T10 is much further north and a hefty trek from the bridge.

It is well past those cars in the distance and the lengthy interchange footpath is glimpsed in the photo above, lower right.

As we leave the hospital stop, we catch a glimpse of the benefits of trams. A bus has just left the hospital grounds and joins a queue of traffic whilst our seven segment tram simply glides past.

But not for long …

… as then comes a second disappointment. The Jardin Parisien stop …

… is in parkland at the edge of the housing and thus …

… almost in the middle of nowhere. It’s by that tiny D2, map below, top left!

But do not weep too copiously Paris tramophiles, as there are plans for an extension. As usual these are mired in heated debate.

The extension by one stop to Place du Garde is on the way …

… but should it go further, all the way to an interchange with new Metro line 15 and suburban train N?

The above is an on-street route, but some are suggesting that the line should not continue to Place du Garde, but plunge into tunnel at the present terminus …

… but still serve the main stops in Clamart town.

The debate continues, but, at least with either solution, tram T10 will actually go somewhere!

Until the decision is made, opinions will remain divided.

Some of the above pictures are screenshots from an on-line video of tramway T10. There are plenty to choose on YouTube. 

And now, more divided opinion.
A Poor Way To Treat Your People!
Brighton and Hove (a GoAhead company) had decided to change its image. OUT is the long-standing red and cream and IN is a trendy two blue scheme with mysterious stick men.

Years back, Brighton Corporation buses turned blue.
But with the merger with Brighton And Hove buses, it was back to red and cream but in a distinguished modern style with no stick ment.
So now it is back to blue in a style that is claimed to represent the diversity and modernity of the City.

What has irritated fbb, however, is the promotional video. It is so contrived and false. Does GoAhead really think everybody is keen on the new style and, conversely, thinks the old is past it.

Of course not. There will be a significant percentage of the population who dislike the new livery (which includes fbb) and en ever bigger percentage who simply do not care.
It is very much like Transport for London’s “consultation”. The company, effectively, says tht it has assembled a crowd of “vox pop” who are happy to appear on camera agreeing that the new paint job is superb and appropriate.
Those who disagree are irrelevant.
So that’s all right then!

Maybe it is time for a fresh look, but, PLEASE be honest and don’t try to con the people!

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