Nightjet of the new generation – a new travel experience. With modern design, more privacy and greater comfort, the new train makes overnight train travel even more pleasant and takes you to many European cities overnight in a climate-friendly way at speeds of up to 230 km/h.

Austria’s new sleeper train with level boarding… has quite an impressive accessible sleeper compartment with four beds, and it definitely shows what difference it makes to include disabled people in the development process.

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Travelling is even more comfortable in the sleeping car as all compartments are fitted with their own toilet and shower facilities. A comfortable seating area allows relaxed working, reading or eating during the journey. Built-in beds in the sleeper cabin and in the new 4-berth couchette increase your sleeping comfort and ensure a relaxed arrival at your destination. The new Mini Cabins for solo travellers offer even more privacy. In a compact space, you will find everything you need for an undisturbed night journey. The new multifunctional carriage offers bicycle parking for all cycling enthusiasts as well as more space for luggage and personal items such as skiing and snowboarding equipment.

More pictures of the train compartment types, and a 360 view of each.

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