Multi award-winning transport and logistics operator Mobile People Powered Logistics has announced that it has been certified as a Carbon Neutral Business under the UN’s internationally recognised calculation ISO 14064.

This makes it, the directors believe, the only independent operator in the UK currently, and the first independent haulier and palletised delivery business in England and Wales, to achieve this goal. The business, headquartered in Birmingham and with a distribution and logistics centre in Aylesbury, focusses on high-quality supply chain solutions for palletised freight distribution, haulage, warehousing and fulfilment.

With a team of more than 120 people and 60 owned vehicles covering all key industrial regions within the UK mainland, the company handles over 300,000 shipments per annum through its shareholding in Pallet-Track, and its own haulage and distribution fleet.

The announcement comes at a time when businesses in the sector are under increasing pressure to address their environmental impact, whilst maintaining service levels and profit margins in a highly competitive market.

For the past five years, Mobile PPL has been operating under the ISO14001 environment management framework, which has dictated decision making on everything from machinery and equipment to warehousing and administration, to reduce emissions and stay within the criteria.

The company first started its journey to carbon neutrality in 2022 by understanding customer expectations and framing that against internal ambitions and motivations. The process was completed at the end of March 2023 through its partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain, a UK offsetting programme.

This allows Mobile PPL to offset its environmental impact by investing in projects to remove Carbon Dioxide and Greenhouse Gases from the atmosphere. Mobile PPL is using this milestone to cement its ambition to become a Zero Emissions business by 2037.

Mobile PPL hopes that others in the industry will follow suit, thereby creating the necessary demand to accelerate research and investment in more sustainable technology for the haulage sector. Current technology does not allow any national haulage and distribution business to be Zero Emissions.

The Mobile PPL Environment Pledge

Each year, we will report our emissions data to show our progress and areas for improvement.
We will dedicate time and resource to researching sustainable technologies and update our procurement process to make sustainability one of our key purchase motivators.
We will lead the sector in being open and transparent about the environmental challenges the industry faces, and encourage our suppliers, partners and peers to join us.

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