Our companion article in this issue about the new Docklands Light Railway trains acknowledges the significant role of KeolisAmey Docklands (KAD) on the project and in delivering the DLR’s day-to-day service as Transport for London’s (TfL) Operations and Maintenance partner for Docklands Light Railway Limited (DLR), part of TfL.

TfL / DLR owns the assets and, in safety certificate terms, is the infrastructure manager for the guideway infrastructure, whereas KAD maintains the trains and infrastructure and is the train and station operator and infrastructure manager for all stations. This article discusses how KAD works collaboratively with DLR to improve the performance of the existing trains, whilst ensuring safety and maximising efficiencies on the trains that are soon to be scrapped (B90/B92/B2K – hereafter B92) and also preparing for the new trains. All this was discussed with Tony Kempster, KAD’s rolling stock head of technical services in early October 2023.

Avoiding expensive interventions

From experience, new trains rarely arrive at a convenient time to dovetail with an existing fleet’s orderly maintenance plan. Plans have to be adapted with the aim that old trains are withdrawn just before the wheels are worn down to the scrapping limits and/or just before an overhaul is due.

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