Va à l’Ouest Jeune Homme

Assuming that our readers’ ability to understand spoken French is not of the highest standard, let us look at the “Ouest” extension of RER E without linguistic challenges.
Stage One is from Haussmann St Lazare to La Defense in tunnel and coming up for air at Nanterre-la-Folie. A station is being built under the roundabout at Porte Maillot.

There has been plenty of disruption because the whole roundabout centre has beyn commandeered for the work plus some or the orbiting roads.

Fortunately it is a big, big roundabout!

Here RER E will connect with a branch of RER C and with Metro Line 1.

The station has natural light and is, as before, big!

Most blog readers will remember that La Defense is the Canary Wharf of Paris …
… with the Grande Arche as its focus. The station for RER E is north of the biggie and shown dotted on the Carto track map.

The platforms are between the “U” and the “1”. 

Next comes a new station, Nanterre La Folie.

Note the exit from the tunnels bottom right. There must have been some substantial advance planning to thread thus through the massive urban development and to allow enough space for the station.

And here is a Google Earth view of that tunnel exit whilst under construction.

The other dotted lines (confusingly a similar colour) are the tracks of the new orbital Metro development, in this case lines 15 and 18 which will also interchange here with RER E,
Of course Nanterre la Folie will be a huge and spectacular station …

… with a massive footbridge access.

But why so big? 

The answer is that the Est Ouest Liaison will never fully liaise! “Est” trains will run through central Paris to and from Nanterre whereas “Ouest” trains will run to and from Rosa Parks. There will be no through service over the whole line.
There will, however, be 28 trains an hour on the overlapping section. This should bring relief to bits of the overcrowded Metro plus extra seats for some of the busiest RER options.
The astronomical bill also includes lots of new trains and a new depot near Nanterre.
This will house and maintain the stock for the “Ouest” part of the service.
From Nanterre westward things are much less exciting from an infrastructure point of view. RER E will absorb the former RER A branch which terminates at Poissy …

… and continue using one of the two sections of existing S N C F line J …

… to a terminus at Mantes-la-Jolie (below diagram bottom left) as we saw yesterday.

Maybe the plan below will offer a slightly less destructive presentation of the geography of line J.

You pays your money?

Below is a summary of the original plans, included for those who might like to self-test their knowledge of written French a but further.

Due to the exigencies of the situation, the schedule is running about two years late with opening to Nanterre-la-Jolie now due in 2024 and the full service coming in 2026.

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