Mr Khan’s Plan To Get Rid Of Passengers

Sajid Khan (as in “my dad was a bus driver”) seems to be developing plans for controlling Transport for London’s dire financial crisis. 

Part one of the plan is to increase Underground fares significantly so the really busy services make loadsa dosh. 

Part two is to keep the ludicrously cheap flat fare for the buses (currently £1.55) which will maintain his “Labour” credentials. At the same time, however, he is reducing bus frequencies in central London where the higher frequencies are needed and are attractive to passengers.

Part three is to get rid of the Travelcard and keep those car owning commuters from Surrey from getting a cheap ride in London.

Part four is to continue the on-going policy of timetable and map secrecy; so that newcomers to the network will find it highly difficult to find their way around.

If Mr Khan can reduce passenger numbers, he can cut services and might be able to stem some of the losses.

But, what a bother, Mr Khan has to consult on any big decision that might upset his customers. So a few weeks back he consulted on his plan to withdraw the highly successful, highly popular and easy to use Travelcard.

It came to prominence under Chris Green’s Network SouthEast as a much more useful development than red lamp posts and litter bins and stations all with standard lettering throughout.

But it was the Network Card that was the huge commercial and PR success.

But it did rely on London Transport joining in. Now for political and spurious financial reasons Mt Khan wants to join out.

Last week, those, (like fbb), who responded to the consultation got a nice reply from Mt Khan – well from one of his minions.

Thank you for taking part in the consultation, it stated. We have considered all points raised and we are doing it anyway

So the usual TfL “consultation” then!

Here is the text of “The Mayor’s” reply with a few notes from fbb. Some of the more boring platitudes have been omitted.

We are writing to you with an update.  

It is a requirement of our funding settlement with Government – a deal that was required solely because of the impact of the pandemic (actually no – it is history of long-ten mis-management by Mr Khan and his chums) – for is to deliver considerable savings and generate significant amounts of new additional income. 

So why not increase the ludicrously cheap flat fare on the buses?

Or he could strangle the illogical and unworkable Superloop almost at birth. Like the X43 (see yesterday’s blog) IT WON’T WORK.

The Mayor has been clear that the withdrawal of Day Travelcards is not something he would be considering were it not for the requirements of the funding deal. 

Actually, it is one of the easiest cuts to make politically as it is mainly passengers from outside London who benefit the most. And they don’t vote for Mr Khan!

After careful consideration, the Mayor has reluctantly instructed us to give the required minimum six months’ notice to withdraw from the relevant provisions of the Travelcard agreement. 

Mr Khan then goes on to say that this decision does not  necessarily mean that the Travelcard will actually be withdrawn. Really; pull the other one Sadiq – of course that is what it means.

We would like to reassure you that while these discussions take place Day Travelcards will remain available.

Actually from January 2024.

In all honesty, fbb is getting a bit too old and creaky for frequent trips to the Big Smoke, so his fanances will not be greatly affected. But (and here’s the point) the loss of the simple to understand but simple to use ticket from Axminster will most certainly make the old man think twice about going ever again!

There will ber many many thousands like him.

Thanks saddo Sadiq!

fbb sent a reply to the kind than you note he received. He asked how many replied to the consultation; and of this, what percentage was in favour of the Travelcard’s withdrawal.

fbb thinks that a reply is unlikely!

A Sad End To A Tram Service …

… in Buxton?

It’s a milk float that thinks it is a tram!

For about  ten years, visitors to Buxton have had the dubious pleasure of a very slow tour of the town in a converted milk float.

Despite possible appearances to the contrary it is NOT double deck open top! Neither it is a high capacity vehicle. But it was fun!
At Christmas it was Santa’s very special decorated “sleigh”.
The “tram” was a local “character” and even had its own postcards …
… pre printed to save you thinking what to say!
The owners explain the reasons for its demise.
The vehicle is off south to be preserved and possibly re-used elsewhere.
A Sad farewell from fbb who, equally sadly, has never had the opportunity for a Buxton tram ride.


 Something Completely Different blog : Tuesday 25th July 

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