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Another cunning cartographic conceit shows vast areas of scorched earth to the east and north of Leighton Buzzard’s’ traditional housing area. We now know that the “exciting new network” is actually an exciting new reduction in service on all he traditional routes, those numbered D1, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36A and 36C, These are replaced, mostly by L1 and a cross town dumbbell of a route L5 linking a Linslade circular with a most-of-traditional-Leighton-Buzzard circular.
The L1 is every hour; the L5 is every hour – a big let down from days of yore.
But we have three completely new routes serving the new “housing belt” of developments.
Here is L2 (ORANGE) …

… which operates outwards via Chamberlain’s Barn; which has got a local centre …

… well, a co-op – and 950 homes. Or it will have when they are all built.

The L2; returns to the town centre via Leighon Road and Hockliffe Road shown in RED on the above map. The L2 is hourly with …

… again, not a very helpful presentation of the timetable.

Meanwhile the L4 (BLUE) runs anti clockwise leaving the town via Hockliffe Road etc …

… then looping via Apex Park …

…where the kiddies can enjoy the swings and ducks dabbling in the attractive lake. Nah! It’s an industrial estate innit?

On the way back to town the hourly L4 …

… calls at Billington Park (once every 30 mins on 36A/36C) …

… and a little nibble of the 32/33. Instead of running direct to both, passengers going home have to enjoy the lengthy trek via Hockliffe Road. 
And what of Meadow Way?

Once with THREE buses an hour, this little enclave …

… now has NOTHING!!

It is not surprising that there is disquiet amonyst the locals.

And Karen Golder added: “Absolute shambles! No timetables depicting where Meadow Way customers to get bus or the times… disgusting service from CBC to drop previous bus routes

Another woman said on social media: “I am sure the people on Meadow Way, and all the other roads who have lost their bus service will not agree. To be told to use the Buzzer Bus is a joke. It is for elderly people and you have to book in advance.”

And another commented: “Well this means I can’t use the bus to take the kids to school! I either leave at 7.20am or 8.05am and arrive half hour after they start. Absolutely flipping disaster!”

The Buzzer Bus?

That is a charitable community bus which you have to book up …

.., so hardly a replacement for three “proper” buses an hour!

Which leaves us the L3 (GREEN).

Thus goes right round the whole shebang anti-clockwise; out via Apex Park and back via Chamberlain’s Barn.

But inexplicatbly (1) it runs every 30 minutes – the only Leighton Buzzard “L” to do so and inexplicably (2) there is no morning or afternoon peak time service.

Note, yet again, the very unhelpful timetable detail.

When you drive virtually round the route you see many areas where housing is being built …

… you see all hereditaments with ample garage space …

… and you see lots of open fields.

Again a local comment says it all.

Nikki John posted to the LBO’s Facebook page: “Only new bus routes are to the new development at Clipstone Park. All other routes have been slashed or severed completely which leaves the elderly, immobile, sick, and many many more isolated, unable to get out to shop, doctors, medicines etc. The local council councillors is spouting new/improved. How? This town has nothing to offer any more –  not even a bus service.”

Whilst you would possibly expect the developers shelling out their “Section 106” largesse to expect buses to their development – whoever pays the piper etc – it would appear that, from a customer service point of view, the salt of the earth Leighton Buzzers are being short-changed whilst car-owning newcomers are getting better bus services that they will never use.

At least it is all FREE until Christmas.

It would be interesting to know how many thousands are flocking to these services now that they don’t have to pay. fbb guesses that the vast majority of users will be “Seniors” who don’t pay anyway.

It all seems very misguided.

Like the new bus services  in Leighton Buzzard.

Tomorrow  we cross the Pond.

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