That’s Bebe, Ben, Barbara and Richard …

… a real family portraying “themselves” in the very first sitcom in the UK. It started on the wireless in the early 1950s and moved over to TV, first with the BBC then ITV. There was also a film …

… and some stage shows. For the few episodes that fbb heard, he remembers it as sort of “Terry and June”ish and quite harmless.

But what of this lion – and, yes, it did purport to be driving a bus.

fbb thinks it was stuffed! fbb hopes it was stuffed!

A few days back, Roger French reported on his visit to Reading to enjoy the launch of new buses for their Lion branded route.

Eoyger noted a rack of leaflets in the bus …

,,, which are typical of Reading’s high quality printed material. Other poor quality operators, please note!

As well as the timetable …
… there is an excellent route map …
… with four detailed representations of the main towns.



Bracknell Centre
Route 4 picks up a former Bracknell town service whilst the X4 uses the direct route. Unfortunately this gives a 20/40 frequency to the estate which would be much better if both services ran every 30 minutes. 
Indeed, at one time the combined service was every 15 minutes.

Disappointing reduction.

The new buses have posh interiors …

… and there is a strip of wood-effect flooring between the seats …

… which is one of today’s “must haves” to bring in the crowds of extra passengers.

“Come on Molly, let’s go to Bracknell …
… to enjoy the strip of wood-effect flooring”. 

The other thing the new buses offer is a more aggressive lion icon.

The previous vehicles had a more playful lion …

… a bit like Mr Tubbles dealing with a threatening fly! The previous buses were in a similar gold-style livery to that on the new launch vehicles.

There is much more to investigate historically on this route which fbb intends to cover in the very near future. 

In the meantime here are the great and good from Reading celebrating the launch of the new uses …

… and the wood effect flooring.

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