3PL, a Wigan-based fulfilment and logistics company, has enrolled up to 40% of its employees, helping them develop new skills as the company looks to prepare for its usual busy season later this year.

The skills drive is being fronted by Rosie Currie, Human Resources Manager, who explained the motive behind the development initiative. “We aspire to create a rewarding career opportunity for our colleagues, and training and development across a wide variety of roles is crucial to our business aims. This helps us ensure we can attract and retain the best talent in the area and take them on a learning journey throughout their career with us,” she said.

These courses are being delivered by Seetec Outsource, as part of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s ‘Skills for Growth’ programme. This initiative aims to upskill, and re-skill employed people across the city-region, to put them in a better position to progress in their careers while supporting businesses to grow.

The training is being delivered on-site at the Company’s two North West fulfilment centres. The programme caters for individuals at various stages of their career and life, with staff and management levels in every department participating. For example, Paula, 59, a Warehouse Team Member who has worked at 3PL for four years, is enrolled onto the ‘Allocate and check work in your team in logistics operations’ course. Meanwhile, Christian, 25, who works in the Customer Services team, has been enrolled on the ‘Schedule logistics operations to meet customer requirements’ course.

Both Paula and Christian are eager to expand their knowledge and skillset. Christian is hoping that the qualification will give him better knowledge that he can apply to the job he currently has. “The Customer Services team is changing their approach, and this course is a huge part of supporting that change,” he stated.

With this new initiative, 3PL is proving that the industry can provide rewarding career opportunities and are dedicated to investing in their employees’ growth and development.

“The logistics sector is crucially important to the smooth running of the UK economy, yet it continues to struggle with workforce shortages. Courses like these help businesses such as 3PL to attract and retain employees, whilst demonstrating a commitment to upskilling their workforce and offering them rewarding opportunities,” concluded Jake Croxton, Key Account Manager for Transport and Logistics at Seetec Outsource.

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