Issue 300 of Passenger Transport is published on November 3.
Contents include:



Bee Network journeys rose 8% in first month
One month after bus franchising began, Transport for Greater Manchester is reporting passenger growth, increased revenue and improved punctualitys


New owners pledge to support Arriva growth
Arriva CEO says deal ‘will deliver significant benefits’

HS2 cancellation to fund bus improvements
£150m allocated for 2024/25 with promise of more to come

95% of DRT schemes operating at a loss
County Councils Network calls for more bus funding

McGill’s owners blast Burnham ‘interference’
Sandy Easdale warns of court action over any franchising move

TPE firms up plans for recovery and the future
TransPennine Express has unveiled its ‘Make Journeys Better’ recovery plan to address past issues and improve reliability and passenger experience

Industry renews calls for long-term funding
Bus patronage ahead of pre-pandemic levels for the first time

Large in-year subsidy increase for TfW Rail
Continued investment to stimulate passenger growth seen as the only way to reduce the railway’s future subsidy requirement. Rhodri Clark reports

‘Some 20mph roads should revert to 30mph’
Arriva has asked for speed limit to be reconsidered in places

NEWS EXTRA: Alexander Dennis

ADL goes it alone with new electric bus range
After several years working with Chinese manufacturer BYD, Alexander Dennis has launched two new electric buses engineered fully in-house


Lumo is ‘22 times greener than flying’
Train operator calculates how much greener rail travel is

Hydrogen bus vision progress
Clean fuel pioneers join forces in bid to make 150-strong hydrogen bus fleet a reality


Strategy for seamless journeys across North
Transport for the North’s Connected Mobility Strategy seeks to build on local successes and decision making in delivering more connected journeys

Council takes a data-driven approach to bus
East Riding will use CitySwift platform to analyse bus network


Norman Baker: Reform fares before ticket office changes
Pushing forward plans to close ticket offices before addressing hugely inconsistent rail fares was putting the cart before the horse

Alex Warner: Leadership is key to raising poor morale
Morale may never have been this low, but has the industry got the leadership skills and conviction to do anything about it?p

Nick Richardson: A curious shift in transport policy
The government has announced an end to the so-called war on the motorist, but its plans raise questions for passenger transport

Great Minster Grumbles: Nobody comes out smelling of roses
Our Whitehall insider imagines what’s going on inside the minds of the mandarins at Great Minster House, home of the DfT


Boylan steps down at TfGM
Chief executive of Transport for Greater Manchester announces plans to retire next year


Manager – Unilink, part of Bluestar

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