Sadness And Gladness

Sadness in the face of the loss of King Alfred Vehicles and others in the disastrous fire at Pentin Mewsey back in December. It is not yet known what, if anything, can bee salvaged.
Serious Fire at Penton Mewsey

Apart from the Leyland Olympic, four Hants & Dorset buses – three double deck and one single deck – were destroyed as well as a luxury coach, an Ulsterbus Bristol RE single deck and a Southdown Bristol VR double deck.

FoKAB sends its heartfelt sympathy to the owners who have lost their vehicles.

But the traditional January 1st running day went ahead whist offering huge sympathy to all those who lost vehcles.

Buses tun from The Broadway under the watchful eye of King Alfred himself who, in an appropriately regal fashion was unmoved by the tragedy!
There didn’t seem to be too many takers for the open top trips, certainly not ON the open top!

Macau Extras

Two more LRT lines are currently under construction. There is the ORANGE line which does actually appear to be branded orange!
This is all underground and there is nothing much to see on the surface (except building sites). It is due to open in 2025.
Work has also started on the East Line which does not appear on th above projected network map.

It will run from the former border crossing to China in the north of Macau all the way to the ferry terminal on Taipa Island, the terminus of the existing LRT line.

The big white bloB on the above map certainly appears as a scorched earth blob on Google.

But major development is pending to be served by THREE stations on the new East Line. This video explains a bit more.

Again, if you missed it, The East Line will also all underground.

Here is the “newly imagined” East Line on a street map base …

… and added to the “proposed network” map – diagram created by a Macau LRT enthusiast.

The item om Macau LRT fares will appear tomorrow. Yesterday fbb was hard at work preparing material and visuals for the January fellowship meetings on 7th and 8th Inst.
Welcome To GB’s United Rail Network

Don’t you dare! Of course they aren’t – what a stupid idea!

We’ll fine you if you do!

Enjoy your ride!

Two questions arise. What effect will this huge display (At Walthamstow (?), its twitterer did not say) on the welcome given to the poor harassed passenger.
Oh, you’re going by coach next time? We will miss you.

Dominic Booth, boss of Transport UK, new owners of Stansted Express and the other ex Abellio companies weeps crocodile teats at the loss of passengers as as result of over-aggressive revenue protection policy.

The second question:-
Why not?
You can use Oyster on all of our trains for journeys that start and finish in the London Travelcard area. Oyster can also be used between Gatwick Airport and London Victoria on Gatwick Express services. It’s quick and easy to buy an Oyster card, top up online and add your Travelcard or season ticket.

What management skill has Gatport Airwick got that it CAN offer Oyster?

Yet another example of the appalling craziness of Britain’s rail non-system.



More “normal” blogging style (mainly one topic blogs) will return next week after our two fellowship meetings.

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