Timetables …

They do like simple line diagrams in R A T P land and in the case of Tram T10 the diagram flies in the face of geography!

And, as for timetables, NO CHANCE! R A T P call them “Fiches Horaires” (timetable sheets) which they most certainly are not. The T10 has FIVE different timetables. The first two operate on schooldays …

… Monday to Friday …

…  and Saturday.

Then the same two day sets again, but now during school holidays.

Monday to Friday …

… and Saturday.

Sunday and statutory holidays remain the same!

The above are the departures from La Croix de Berny. The sheets are available to download as PDF files. But the whole process is repeated for each stop on line T10! (Except of course, the Jardin Parisien terminus.)

Then there are more pages for the opposite direction.


How much simpler and helpful it would be to provide a standard timetable.

… And Maps
We already know that Tram T10 is still shown as “under construction” on the well known R A T P Paris Metro map.

There is no tram T10 at all on the broader view of the Ile de France networks. This map does show main bus services and there is a 379 from La Croix de Berny.

The 379, together with its associated 179 from RER line B at Robinson, runs to an industrial area called Velizy 2.

We can explore the 379 on one of the absolutely astoundingly excellent “sector” maps.  These a fully geographical and show absolutely everything.

But there is no sign of Tram T10!

Instead of running north to the Hospital Beclere and the Jardin Parisien terminus of the tram, the 379 travels further west.

A street map clearly shows the difference between tram and 379.

The tram runs to just beyond the hospital (above map top right)  The Velizy 2 (zone industrielle) is where the blue square is, centre left.

Once again, timetables are non-existent but the usual frequency charts tell us that the 379 runs at really daft frequencies with different scheduled three times a year.
fbb’s “favourite” is in the middle. It shows 379s as running every 17 to 29 minutes. How useless is that?

Such crackpot schedules may out-daft some of the UK’s dafter services and make them seem thoroughly reasonable.

Below is a 379 at its stand outside the RER B station with the tram station construction in the background.

But cry not for the daftness of the 379, because it is no more. To get to Velizy 2 now from La Croix de Berny, you need to change from the tram to bus somewhere convenient en route …

… namely Malabry.

As usual, the internet is littered with information about the 379! Occasional notes invite users of the world wide web to consult timetable changes consequent upon the Tram T10’s appearance.

But, so far, NONE of the maps has been updated. Zut alors!

Stylish Trams
The 7 segmnent units (also in use on T9) are known as Citadis Lumiere. One manifestation of the Lumiere is the swish design of the exterior lighting.

Boy, do they look good at night!

And the side strip light seems to show different colours when the doors are open, closing or closed. Quelle chic!

Poachers Cottage
fbb is VERY pleased with his thatch! Having covered the buildings with sandpaper, painting was the next job. Poster paints were used as there is no longer any need for the models to be waterproof. So a mixture of black, white, red and a touch of yellow was made, but not thoroughly mixed.

fbb suspected that the colour would lighten as it dried and that proved to be correct. When wet the paint looked awful!

The splodge of yellow was added later. But fbb was aiming for something like this real roof/

So fbb did his “patch test” (as in hair dye!) …

… and the result looked just about OK. But when it was fully dry the next morning …

… it looked very OK; and the yellow did its job.

But the extension, seen above from the rear, needed windows. 

Well, the extension chunk was bodged together from bits of an old Airfix/Dapol thatched cottage kit …

… so there would be left-over windows.


(more of this excitement to follow)

Puzzle Picture
Thus is Paris Tram T6 which also serves Velizy 2.

Something odd?

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