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Thanks to correspondent Peter, we can see more. He was more successful in truffling out (Yikes; fbb has been watching too much Alexander Armstrong on Pointless!) a little more information. The vehicle was built by Ikarus as a one off. It sent most of its working days at the Budapest airport. 

The idea was that it could butt up to a plane, unload passengers and luggage …

… lots of luggage.

But what fbb did not realise (oh unobservant old codger) was that the steps retracted for the journey back to the terminal, presumably to avoid pinging bits off the bus or buildings or even parked aircraft!

You can see bits of the staircase as black lines between top deck and driver’s/luggage area.

Clever, eh?
fbb suspects it was not put into production because of the very variable heights of a planes’ fuselage.
Puzzle Picture 1

Well, fbb knew hat Kewstoke was a “suburb” of Weston-super-Mud, a vital fact recently reinforced by the visit of church chums to partake of a short holiday there! But the blue baffled.

The bus was operated by Bristol Tramways – indeed the company was so named long after the trams departed from Bristol post WW2. What fbb did not know (slacker!) was that they were painted blue. Later the “Tramways” company and the green Bristol Omnibus Company were merged and all became green.
Puzzle Picture 2

Pennine Motor Services was based in Skipton. The company ceased operations in year 2000 but was, as they are wont to say, a much loved local operator.

The orange and black livery and the scroll fleet name remained until the end – none of this swirly trendy stuff for ‘t lads oop noorth!

The 215 Burnley to Skipton (as in the Puzzle Picture) was the company’s trunk route.

 And Now : The fbb Summer Quiz  
On each of the next few days, fbb will publish pictures of typical railway scene. All our loyal readers (and non loyal ones as well) have to do is to identify the location in each case.
This place had a link with Leigh Park
Now a bit more weather-proof

Has a weird former Royal residence
Might get its bus station back – one day!

Home of the famous Brown

Where a king was found in a car park
A “Sweet” City
The footy team plays at Edgeley Park

Mr Scott’s novels took its name (or was it vice versa??)

One of two. Queen Victoria preferred the other one.

 More tomorrow! 

Policy : Good For Votes, Bad For People
As the machinations of Partly Politics begin to grind inexorably towards next year’s General Election, we see policy slowly being rewritten to win votes.
Having not won Uxbridge because of Mt Khan’s ULEZ policy in the Capital, Keir’s suffering from fears and doesn’t want to upset any more mororists.

But didn’t Rishi tell the Uxbridgers that he did not want to heap extra burdens on drivers?

So both will give up on Global Warming, City Pollution and Traffic Congestion and both will remain in thrall o Mr Putin?
Which lot should a keen public transport supporter vote for?
Which lot will announce that HS2 is cancelled and the infrastructure is to be turned into a high speed M1 by-pass?
Puzzle Picture Extra
In which station would you find this. It may be in a different location to that shown in the picture below.

And a more recent picture:-

Answer tomorrow.

 Next Quiz plus extras blog : Wednesday 16th August 
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