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Fenchurch Street

The station must lay claim to the least altered terminus in London, certainly externally. The rather ineffective canopy was changed quite early in the station’s life span, but otherwise it looks the same. It is also the smallest, having just four platforms.

Here the station throat is viewed from Tower Gateway Docklands station.

These four platforms are probably the most intensely used of any National Rail station in the Capital. Off peak and on Saturdays, a very respectable six trains an hour run.

So what’s special, you may ask. At evening peak, 15 (FIFTEEN) trains depart in the hour from 1715. And they have all got to arrive as well!

That is going it somewhat, from just four platform faces.

Fenchurch Street is the only National Rail station in London that doesn’t have an Underground station attached …

… but Tower Gateway (Docklands) is nearly just across the road,

There have been proposals to remove the terminal platforms at Tower Gateway and create a new six-platform Fenchurch Street on the site. Definitely feasible …

… but would it be worth the money?

London Bridge

fbb has written about Lindon bridge in many a blog, so will not bore the pants off his readers again. However it is worth remembering that it went from this (looking east) in 1836 …

… via this in the 1900s (also looking east) …

… and this in the more recent past (now westwards gazing) …

… to this today.

It’s (S)hard to realise it is the same place!

And an oft asked question: why isn’t it called London London Bridge? All other terminals have the name London, but not London Bridge?
And so to a station fbb has never used or even visited.

Cannon Street

The grand building was an hotel with the station behind. Steam was king, of course.

And an old view from the river.

Only the towers remain today …

And somewhere “in land” is the entrance for passengers; hidden along here on the right.

Aha, somewhere near those blue lights.

This well-hidden entrance replaced a more evident station frontage in 2007.

fbb would guess that this is one of the quietest London terminals at weekends.

fbb was just about to move on to his next terminus, when he realised that he had committed an horrific bludner. He has missed out a whole station; this one …

…which later looked like this.

… and now does not exist! It has been built on and over! The office block behind the later addition has been up-fettled but is still recognisable.

Here is a bit of a clue!

All will be revealed in tomorrow’s terminating terminal blog!

 Next terminus blog : Thursday 24th August 

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