It’s Only A “Vision” …

… but blog readers will be thrilled to see that it already has a logo …

… and a lavish printed report.

Marvyn Rees’ video is a bit too visionary and over-full with valiant attempts to score political and environmental brownie points. 
And we have heard it all before! The report is well filled with diagrams, artists’ impression and a good wodge of statistics BUT it doesn’t actually explain how this “Vision” will be turned into reality.

Where’s the money coming from?

Currently, as we saw yesterday and as we gleaned from yesterday’s Uni video, the new campus is happening.

Here we can see the broad outline of the various Uni blocks replacing the now-demolished postal sorting building.

And the first impact on Temple Meads station can be seen lower left on the above picture. The station is getting a brand new Eastern Entrance.

This will be constructed at the eastern end of the existing station subway …

… one of the unsung glories of the station.
The entrance looks fine, if a little utilitarian compared with the station itself.

Quite often the trees never make it in the final resolution of the plans; but Notwotk Rail has been busy excavating …

… which involved the temporary closure of platform 15.

This, the most easterly of the platforms, is shown below as it was when the sorting office still stood in all its abandoned decay.

The report shows us some small infill developments on Temple Gate at the foot of the station approach road.

The station approach is hidden by the buses!

So the initial plans for the immediate environs of the station appear in the diagram below in red.

fbb is not sure what the giant cake tin (upper left) might be, but is sure that the layout of the University development looks very different from the white-block version above. Let’s hope somebody knows which one they are building!

But there are lots of pretty artists’ impressions to whet the jaded appetite of Bristolians.
fbb was not quite so impressed with this one, showing long boats (technically NOT “barges”) delivering coal to the Uni boiler house.

In an fbb exclusive, this blog can bring you a picture of the first boiler unit awaiting delivery …

… at the St Phillips Marsh depot of the installers.

Which brings us neatly to the fact that this Temple Quarter “Vision” …

… includes the whole of the St Phillips Marsh area!

And what might the dreamers be doing about buses?
And where might the new SOUTH entrance to Temple Meads be?
 Next Temple Quarter blog : Wednesday 15th Nov 
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