Time For A Rewrite

Even Arriva’s non partnership 37 from Leicester to Thurnby Lodge presentation is poor. On the outward timetable there is no mention of the traditional Dudley Avenue route …
… as shown back in Midland red days.  Humberstone Park is a reasonable clue and will help people on board spot their stop. But the outward service terminates at Thurnby Lodge The Manor.

Where? It does look strangely familiar.

That is because it is now called The Styrrup Cup as noted in yesterday’s blog.
But we wouldn’t want to use the correct name, would we?
And this is where Arriva’s 37 “terminates”. For the rest of the route, which includes the “loop”, you have to read the inbound timetable. Croyland Green is the stop near to the shopping centre. So why not call it Thurnby Lodge shops? Because this is more helpful than an obscure side road.

So there are things that we can do with the combined First/Arriva timetable panel.

Here is the original, using fbb’s spreadsheet with the wiggly red lines he cannot remove.
And the same, but with just one departure line for Haymarket and Uppingham Road time points that are the same outbound as inbound. It does help people to provide as much consistency as possible.
Now let’s be brave and ditch the scheduling software, and instead use the often ignored Bus Recognition Access Information Nexus system available to any operator entirely free of charge.

Here is the 37 and 38A via Thurnby Lodge …

… and in the reverse direction.

Of course what is lost by this presentation is the full frequency between Humberstone Park and city.  But there are nine buses an hour and, for most purposes, this would be deemed to be “frequent”.
Note the simplified and useful time point names and the 37 loop shown correctly in both directions. fbb has used Nursery Drive rather than The Manor/Styrrup Ciup because the 38A also passes the pub as we saw yesterday. And, of course, the 37 and 38 pass the pub on their way back into the city.
Additional time points at Dudley Avenue Between Humberstone Park and Thurnby Lodge Nursery Avenue and at Humberston Main Street between Netherhall and Humberstone Park would be a great help.

It would be better to use stands at Haymarket by destination and not by operator. So, for example, HE would be for 37 and 38A (via Dudley Avenue) and HF would be for 38 (via Netherhall).

Partnership at work!
It is possible that fbb’s lack of on-the-street local knowledge might need modifying in practice but the principal of showing where the buses actually go in a way which people cane understand is worthy of consideration.

How Much?
Do readers remember an item whereby fbb referred to a Trix or Marklin HO version of the celebrated Flying Scotsman logo. It looks as if the manufacturers have sold all their production, but some retailers might still have them in stock.
At current rates of exchange you would need about £516 to buy one in the UK. And it would not be compatible in size with your OO stock.
But, fear not, eager Flying Scotsman enthusiasts. Hornby have gone one better. As part of their high-spec diecast metal range branded Hornby Dublo (but for two rail operation!) you could purchase one of these.

This is the guise in which Flying Scotsman began an ill-fated tour of the USA; a tour which came to a shuddering halt when the whole operation went bankrupt, stranding the loco across the pond. But it seemed a good idea at the time!

The version as illustrated above will cost you  modest …

… but it does have gold plated bits!

fbb wonders how many of these models will ever turn a wheel. You might understand why. “Daddy, the big new engine has just come off on the corner and crashed to the floor. Nothing big has broken”.
But it is (currently!) a record price for an off-the-shelf model from a non-specialist manufacturer.
Until ….

Peckham Rye Rises Impeccably

Were you to approach Peckham Rye station from the obvious town centre entrance you would be in Rye Lane.

It’s a dump! More tomorrow.

Peterville : Progress and Problems
More to follow.
 Next Variety blog : Saturday 13th May 

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