Oddly, there are very few Public Transport topics involving the widespread use of an initial letter X. There is the all-pervading mystery of what actually IS a service with an X route number; and the bus company Xelabus; but …

Instead of straining his festive brain …

… fbb presents his mini-CHRISTmas funtime quiz part one …

 X  A Cross 

The answers involve the word “cross” or any word which sounds like “cross” with possible minor spelling changes.

1. A major London interchange station …

BLANK Cross.

A former terminus of the East London underground line.


A Scottish station …

… BLANK Cross.

Thi loco was fitted with a boiler by …


A London terminus …
… BLANK Cross.
A commuter station east of Leeds …

… CrossBLANK.

Feature of railway track – American version required …


In Newark, a rare…


This man’s middle but unusual name; he started a famous bus company …


A small scottish coastal village …

… with a meagre bus service just TWO days a week on request ONLY!

…  BLANKcross.

Government Transport Policy …

…  Cross BLANK.

Another piece of track …


Finchley Road offers …


The Elizabeth jLine line before it opened.

…  CrossBLANK.

Station near Glasgow’s Ice Rink

…  CrossBLANK.


 Mr  X ?
E X cels!!
Apart from the unsatisfactory *Xmas” and the Kings with regnal names of Xerxes, the Bible is a bit thin on names of people or places beginning with X. Xmas, where X is short for Christ, causes some angst for many Christians as they don’t like the idea of the Saviour of the World being known as X. Would Elon Musk consider his ex-Twitter had a spiritual agenda?

Probably not.

After the resurrection some groups proclaimed that Jesus was just a man whilst other were convinced the ex carpenter from Nazareth was not at all human, just a spiritual being, perhaps and angel of some sort.

Either answer makes no sense. If he were just a man he was the biggest liar in history and so very much not “Good” – and if he were just “a spirit” then it would have been difficult to crucify a ghost!

One of the letters used to be called The Epistle of Paul to the Hebrews until scholars worked out that Paul could not possibly have written it! No one knows who wrote it, or to whom it was written or even where these “Hebrews” lived.

But they wanted to revert to the religion of the Jews; temple worship, sacrifices and the like.

So Mr X, its writer, shows than Mr X (Jesus) EXcels – he is the total and utterly reliable answer to the needs and the faith of the people.

In practical ways as well as the more cerebral “spiritual” world the book is helpful; for example:-

And the final prayer is a stonker! Remember the Bethlehem angels?

It was Peace in Earth and Goodwill to all mankind; to those who please God!

From the beginning to the end of the Bible, pleasing God, doing things his way, seems to be the recipe for a successful life.
But what happens next?

Your author doesn’t expect (or want!) anything grand. He knows where he is going next!

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