But Whose Train? Gina’s Train!

Georgina Hope Rinehart (née Hancock, born 9 February 1954) is an Australian billionaire mining magnate and businesswoman. Rinehart is the Executive Chairman of Hancock Prospecting, a privately owned mineral exploration and extraction company founded by her father, Lang Hancock.

She was Lang Hancock’s only child, and when he died in 1992 she succeeded him as executive chairman. She turned a company with severe financial difficulties into the largest private company in Australia and one of the largest mining houses in the world.

Rinehart is Australia’s richest person. Her wealth reached around A$29 billion in 2012,
It is her train! And she has just bought a new loco for it.

It is pink to mark the company’s involvement in fund raising for breast cancer. The loco is operated by Roy Hill; but that’s not the name of the driver. Roy Hill is a mining company within the Hancock group; one of Gina’s businesses.

And there’s moye:-

Maybe we need to anglicise some statistics. The railway line is 344 km long which is 213 miles in real money. This is just a tad over the distance from London to Hull.

Gina’s train is usually 2.7 km long. over one mile and a half!
So maybe we watch the train go by!

Did you count all four locos? fbb did. Did you count the wagons. Neither did fbb.

 Roy Hill does his mining here …

… in the remote Pilbara area of Western Australia. Oz is, geographically speaking, BIG.

The Iron Ore …
…  is dug from huge good quality deposits loosened by explosives …

… and loaded into huuuuge trucks …

… and they are huuuuge!

And pink!

The ore is transferred to said long train …
… which then trundles to Port Hedland.

… where it is transferred to ships for distribution world wide.

The port is huuuuge as well!

One of her ships, with a familiar name …

… is, of course, PINK!

Back at the mine, a new processing plant, which recovers more of the ore magnetically, is also huuuuge …

… and pink.

The new pink battery loco will tun with three normal diesels and will cut the fuel cost significantly.
The company will be in the pink – as they say.
Brief Blog Because 
Bus Bloke is Blotto after 
Busy Bible Bonanza with
“Blazing Bengals”

Fireworks concluded the Sunday Fellowship meeting (with lavish afternoon tea).

Well, they were very small indoor fireworks …

… which were much enjoyed by a slightly depleted congregation but with one surprise “guest”. Repeat display will take place after today’s meeting.
fbb mansions still stands, unscathed by the display!
In tomorrow’s blog, we explore a disused building.
 Next Bus Garage blog : Tuesday 7th November 
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